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Hey everyone, and welcome to our first dev-log. in our dev-logs we talk about our progress we made so far. Or just regular updates. since this is our first dev log, we would like to introduce our project to everyone !.

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Are you a fan of RPG's? first person shooters, or are you a fan of classic games?
Well we think that The world of Mandana belongs to the classics. A old school top down rpg game in a brand new 3d jacket. think of the old times with Baldurs Gate , planescape torment, Secret of evermore, Secret of Mana or Icewind dale. those kind of games were the best. The world of Mandana will use the same system as the games mentioned above, only then in todays technology.

Use tons of magic spells, and weapons to elliminate your enemies. and follow a story you have never seen before.

The World of Mandana is still early in production, and therefor we need alot of help to make this game possible.

Do you want to be in the credits? Or do you want to improve your skills or update your portfolio?, or just for fun? Then join now !

We are looking for the following:

1 = Character concept artists.
Artists who are ""specialized" in making human characters, however everyone is allowed

2 = Enemy Concept artists.
Artists who are "specialized" in making non existing creatures, however experiance is not required.

3 = Boss Concept artists.
Artists who are "specialized" in creating suprime concept art. For this we ask experianced people.

4 = Level/enviorment artists.
Artists who are "specialized" in making landscapes, basic level layouts and basic structures.

All concept artists are the key to make this game a success, and experiance is not really required for all the above 4 jobs. But we ask for a example you made to show us.

5 = Level designer.
Can you make basic levels with the hammer editor? Or quakeradiant, make a complete level in max or maya? Then this is the position for you ! We will give you the source programm of our modified C4 editor. Experiance is not really needed, our modified C4 editor is easy and fast so everyone can make levels with it.

6 = Character model designers.
Can you make models in max or maya or any other program you are familiar with? Then this is the position for you. The only experiance we ask is this: make models based on the concepts from the concept team.

7 = Enemy model designers.
""Same as 6""

8 = Boss model designers.
For this job we ask people who can make outstanding models in max, maya or any other program based on the concepts from the concept team. The main characters and all Bosses are the suprime beings in Mandana and therefor we want to pay close attention into the details.

Interested in one of the above jobs? Then dont wait and join now. If you can make a basic model then we are more then happy, only for the Boss models we ask experianced people.

9 = C++ programmers allround
Can you program? Physics, Ai, menu's, particles, FX, animation etc? Then apply here.
If you can make basic codes then we are happy as long it works. For this job we will grant you our server tool, to view and modify the source of our modified C4 engine.

10 = Xna programmers allround (required for the xbox edition)
Worked with Xna before? And you know how it works? Then this is the job for you.
For this job you will be informed when you take it.

All jobs above are freelance based, and no payments are involved, however everyone will get a share when this project goes live.

For each and every job listed above, its required to sign a nda.

So are you interested? Then send a email to

and put the job number + description in the subject.


By Baldurs gate, do you mean Dark Alliance or the Original?

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TheArcpendilum Author

the original and dark alliance,
the game will use multiple views like topdown, shoulder and fps mode depending on the place your at.

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