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Happy to hear every one is enjoying the mod so much and now I am just waiting to see which version gets downloaded more.

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Happy to hear every one is enjoying the mod so much and now I am just waiting to see which version gets downloaded more.

Either the super pirates version will or nerfed pirates, the super pirates where realesed later than the nerfred ones this version and it is already catching up so it looks like people love the super pirates more. Hope you guys are all enjoying it very much, the mini dumps that are happening are actauly from the game itself right now and not the mod, once ironclad releases the new patch u will just have to move the mod over to the new mod folder and it will work. Anything else or bug reports message me. BTW it is better to use our maps or make ur own with large starting resources to fight the super pirates.


One note: On custom maps that you don't script (I'm not even sure if you can do that), The pirates will gather at the sun, and camp.
I have pointed this out before, but I did not receive a response, so I shall say it again, just in case.

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well, your 1.1 version auto kills whomever i try to play and i get instal killed and defeated. That's if i play a map already made or if i make one of my own. Which i usually do.

1.1a runs well. ii just have one problem with it. problem is below.

As for the concept of NO fighter/bombers..... kinda stupid. I can see limiting the numbers of each. But wtf still have a hanger base to research and a carrier cruiser to research if we CAN'T build them afterwards. Here is a novel idea... if we can't use fighter/bombers then remove the associated research and buildables. you took away the buildables but left the research. Not smart and i DO think you guys are very smart. I'll take it as an oversight.

RATS are cool, now that their aren't any real planetary defenders anymore. I guess that's why u removed small craft?

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overthrow Author

if u remove the research it makes the ai retarded, thats why we left it in there.

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