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So we’ve finished buffs and we’re working on dialog windows. Yep. That’s about it.

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Hello, everyone!

For those of you who have been following our fresh twitter this isn’t news. For other fine people here, we finished buffs. Observe:

Buff & Debuff icons

You can buff your troops by spells or items found in the level. Look at these happy zombies disassembling those golems.

Buffs in action

Caution is important, because not all items are equally healthy. Your imps are most susceptible it. They are the creatures capable to take items and the most stupid ones. Because really? Poison? Even skeletons can avoid that.

Debuffs in action

Now onwards to the next step. Graveyard March is the kind of game that has story in it hence requires dialogs to convey plot. We’ll do our best to show them to you as soon as possible.

Till next time, folks.

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