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Uploaded new video showing our current graphics overhaul in action, and a general status report.

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In line with our last post showing some of our newer sprites, I thought I would upload a small video showing exactly those sprites in action. Incidentally the video also shows some other effects I have been working one.

These include a materialisation-effect for spawning enemies and players as well as a cool shatter effect, exploding the very sprites into tiny pieces.

Lastly, to round off this part of the new visuals, I also added a bloom post processing effect to make the highlights on our new sprites look even more awesome.

Further I am working on an animation system right now, to make the enemies in our game a lot less static. With some luck I might get that running tomorrow. (Follow me on Twitter for real-time Eurika-moments.)
After that I will turn my attention to the weapons. We seriously need more explosions.

Otherwise the team is busy polishing the game's design, implementing and improving enemy behaviours, composing music, making sound effects, and possibly other things I forgot due to lack of caffeine.

We will be back soon with more news.
Stay tuned, and:

Enjoy the pixels!

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