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New, and revamped, models for "Champion's Flight" takes wings!

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Graphical Revamp?...

To keep everyone up to speed on development of "Champion's Flight" I've decided that the old Start Gate was lacking...A LOT. I also figured what's the point of having an ending point if there is no incredibly bad-ass structure for it.

So, as all good designers/developers do, I revamped it. And by revamped, I mean RE-VAMPED. Here, take a look!

New Exit Structure!

New Finish Structure

New Start Structure (with equally awesome Racer Transport)!

New Start and Racer Transport

If you want to know more about the new items, and their place in the story that is "Champion's Flight", feel free to check out the Images part of this site (found HERE )!

As always, I will do my best to keep you guys up to date on any new happenings for my game, "Champion's Flight"! If you want to be even MORE up to date on the game, check out my WAFFLE.IO SITE !

Safe to say, the next update will hopefully be the launch of my FIRST, playable, demo! When I get that up, I will make sure to let you guys know!

Till then,

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