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Gothic 2 Online is a free modification that enables multiplayer gameplay in Gothic 2: Night of the Raven (a copy of the game is required). It is a place where players create their own servers - all set in the world of Gothic.

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For many of us, the Gothic series is more than just another hero saving the world game. It is something a lot of us just grew up on. More than one child allowed himself to drift away to the world of the Nameless hero, feeling as if he were part of it. Over time, it became possible. Already around 2007, the first projects allowing you to play Gothic with other players began to appear, but they did not offer much. The 2011 Gothic Multiplayer was the platform that gave a real hope for experiencing new adventures in this beloved universe. It started the era of creating servers based mainly on three pillars: Roleplay, Deathmatch and MMORPG. In the meantime, another project, GMP: Accrescere, also appeared, but it merged with GMP in the future. Despite the wide fan base and their great nostalgia for the Gothic series, the Gothic Multiplayer project went through many problems - a shrinking player base, battles between competing servers, the departure of the team of people working on the modification, or even a source code leak, which in turn resulted in the creation of cheats enabling the destruction of the entire game on the server. For these reasons, some talented people (including the initiator of the whole project - V0ID) decided to do something about it and in 2015 created a new platform called Gothic Online. Initially, the platform offered online gameplay based on the first part of the game, but over time (at the turn of 2015-2016, thanks to Bimbol, inactive developer), a version for the second part with the Night of the Raven expansion was created. From that moment on, you can recognize the beginnings of Gothic 2 Online as we know it today.

What then characterizes this project?
Variety of gameplay. Virtually everyone will find something for themselves here. Are you here to create new settlements on a Survival server, or are you a seasoned fighter looking to participate in TDM clan tournaments? It's not for you? Maybe you'd like to write your own story and become part of the fictional Gothic world on Roleplay servers? Not yet? Maybe then you will be interested in the possibility of developing your own character on MMORPG servers? If you still don't find anything for yourself, then take a look at us, maybe you will find your place and create something new.
A community that, despite the passage of time, smaller than in the times of GMP's heyday, does not stand still, but is still developing. As in the past, all servers were created on the same, standard maps and scripts, without anything special, now teams are working hard to create new worlds, original scripts, rich server packages and to give their players the greatest possible opportunities.
A group of people ready to help in your projects. Even if you are new here, or are looking for an answer to a project-related or game-related question in general, our Discord is sure to find the answer to what you are looking for.
The ability to create server scripts using the Squirrel language, which gives a skilled programmer virtually unlimited possibilities for the development of his project.
Support for interesting projects in the form of help in the promotion and maintenance of the VPS server costs.

Do not wait, enter today and see for yourself:

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