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For all you Gorge Building lovers, GorgeCraft is now available on the Steam Workshop. Pop along to the Natural Selection 2 workshop and subscribe to download it.

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Welcome to GorgeCraft.

GorgeCraft is a mod designed for players to build and construct to their hearts content. The aim is to give as much freedom as possible to the players for building, letting their imaginations do the rest. It takes the Alien builder class from the game Natural Selection 2, and gives it a whole new lease of life, freed from the ravages of battling pesky Marines.

It's a little known fact that the kharaa aliens are completely different races, absorbed by the bacterium in it's quest to grow. Back on their peace-loving homeworld, Gorges love to spend all their time building, playing sports and sliding around on their bellies. It is their calling. GorgeCraft gives you an opportunity to experience Gorges operating in their natural habitat...

Containing 13 of the Alien buildings, play away to your hearts content, making obscure art from the Alien buildings.

Recommended for playing on your own, or on a listen server with friends. There is no win condition, you just play until you are bored, and then close the game down.

Currently in Alpha, 7 more Alien buildings will be added, code optimisation and other updates will be coming along to further improve your building experience.

GorgeCraft is Part 1 of the GorgeWorld Trilogy.

Game Design and Programming - Andy 'Soul Rider' Wilson

Build Menu Icons by Rantology
Loading Screens by MotherGoose & Soul Rider

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