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Gore Mod 2.0 will be released tomorrow (October 26, 2012).

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Gore Mod 2.0 is coming this Friday.

I know it should have been released earlier, but the timezones between me and my BETA-Testers really made this thing hard. Anyway, tomorrow is the release of the Gore Mod 2.0. You will find it much better than the first version, with far more blood textures than the first version, animated blood spurts, decreased lag when you blow someone up, even some weapons have their own gore type when you damage someone, and so on...

One thing I didn't add to this mod was the "Blood on your screen" feature, because it was giving me a lot of trouble and I decided not to delay this mod any longer and release it without the unfinished feature. Note that Gore Mod 2.0 is NOT the final version of Gore Mod, so this time I will completely focus on that feature in the next mod release.

Cpt. Destro has agreed to help us make a GM 2.0 version that is compatible with Shifter, but I promised that I would release the Gore Mod 2.0 this week, so I'm just going to release the version that isn't compatible with Shifter, so others that don't have use can play it without having to wait any longer. For those of you who use Shifter, I will release the other version of Gore Mod 2.0 when Cpt. Destro finishes making it compatible with Shifter (when it's finally released, go ahead and thank him personally, because if it wasn't for him, anyone who uses Shifter couldn't play Deus Ex with Gore Mod).

I HOPE you enjoy it and that you give me feedback about it as soon as you play it.

Thanks for waiting!


In final version will there be option to turn off blood on screen?

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DxVentura Author

Yes, I will make an option to toggle On/Off that feature.

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