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I'm moving on to a Portal mod, for now, Stasis is taking a rest.

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I have recently paired up with Cloud 6 to work on a much bigger and better mod, PLH that uses a new branch of Source 2013. I am putting Stasis on stasis (pun intended) due to this mod. But I will release most of my content on stasis on the Mod DB page. I am currently going to try to move all the code on Stasis to PLH and the Engine. So if you were interested in Stasis Source, check out Portal:Last Hope. It will have a similar aesthetic to S:S due to me being a coder and artist. Also music style will be the same. Check out PLH please.

It was fun working on Stasis but I'm sure I won't be able to work on it for a while. Here is some art work.

StasisSourceBuggy Valve Logo (Alpha)

All the screenshots and things like gameplay are on the actual page. Please check out my new project.


ubilλmbdλ - - 402 comments

Another promising mod is dead. RIP :(

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XIVTrahsion Author
XIVTrahsion - - 187 comments

I cri everitim, but check out Portal: Last Hope.
It has its own custom version of the Source Engine!

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