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First version of Bleach:Lemmings may contain some custom moves.

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Recently I've been learning how to make custom moves from some of the people on lbz forum and I've learned most of the basics.

I've already made a few custom moves already:

-Getsuga Tensho (Ichigos signature move)
-Black Getsuga tensho (enhanced version of ichigos signature move)
-Light arrow (Ishidas energy arrow attack)
-Bakudo #61 Rikujokoro (level 61 binding magic)
-Nake (Uraharas red beam attack)
-Hollow Getsuga Tensho (Hollow Ichigos version of the Getsuga Tensho)
-Ice Dragon (Hitsugayas ice dragon attack)

Planning to make some more such as:

-Hado #31 Shakkoho (level 31 destructive magic: red fire cannon)
-Cero (Energy blast used by hollows and Arrancar)

If you have any ideas for attacks just post them here.

I'm also trying to make a few more characters before releasing such as Orihime, Chad, Rukia, Byakuya and Renji.

Again, if theres any other characters that anyone wants then post them here and i might try to make them.

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