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Almost done with the hardpoints, all coding is ready.

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As the titel said, good news now.
Almost the space demo is ready. Only the Sith destroyer and Paladin destroyer need yet to be overhauled. Then I need to put in some heroes but that wont be a problem I hope. By the time this news is accepted I hope to be done. Do not forget that this is only a space beta with only space units and heroes. Don't try to put heroes in ground combat, your game will probely crash. One more thing: There is a chance that all the graphics like lasers and backgrouns will not be in it. This sadens me greatfully but it is because my mod was originally build opon the Rise of the Mandalorians mod by The Farseer. He knows this but I cannot release with all graphics because he on his turn got them from a lot of modders. I will try the graphics packs on filefront, if they contain the same, I will still be able to include the graphics.
I MUST first take out all files, then make a new folder and in that folder put everything togather.
LOL, I did this yesterday to when the game crashed :-)
This is going to be a pain but I can't release my RoTM/ORaW mod. This wíll take more time, I am working day after day to get it done so be patient. I am doing everything I can to finish it.
Your patience will be rewarded.

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