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I've got some pretty bad news...But good news too!

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Okay first the bad news. I am halting the work for HLMW for now. Which means that the mod is not dead but taking a break. If you're wondering why i just lost the interest to make half life stuff. But don't worry i will most likely get back into making half life mods. Which brings me to the good news. CambreaKer has offered to make some maps for HLMW 2 so he will be "taking control for a while". I don't know if he's gonna post photos or other updates but i do know that he is gonna make some levels. But don't worry i will still be active on youtube, Discord and i will answer your comments in moddb so i'm not gonna be completely dead. But anyways if you want to be notified early about any progress for this mod i recommend you to join the HLMW discord server here:

You can check out my youtube channel here:

So thank you to all my fans and bye bye for now :)

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