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So I have some good news and some bad news regarding the mod.

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My original idea for the mod was to create a unique custom story, using all the original assets from Amnesia, so it would be done quick and easy. Well that has changed. After I penned the story, it started getting a bit more complex. Cutscenes were needed, voice acting, more levels were added, the mod was converted to a total conversion from a custom story, eventually leading to the removal of the lantern and the introduction of the zippo lighter and more of our own assets. This tiny project is starting to grow into something bigger. Which leads me to my original point.

The good news is, we have taken a more loving approach to the mod. Instead of just creating the mod and calling it good, we are finding that we are both really enjoying the production process. That has led us to polish the crap out of this thing. We want this project to be perfect, and have redesigned all the completed levels more times than we can count. In an effort to further separate ourselves from other mods and original Amnesia, we are modeling our own structures and other level assets. This will give our mod a very unique feel.

Of course this leads to the bad news. We were already a bit behind schedule for a Thanksgiving release, and due to the decision to replace default assets with our own it is going to be pushed back a bit further. This is also due to real life as well. Many important things are upcoming, like Skyrim...

Anyways, we are excited to try something new in Amnesia and want to deliver the best product possible. In the next week or two I am going to need about 5 more testers. More on that later.

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