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Check out our indie first-person melee action game on Greenlight campaign.

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'Gone with the Demon' is now on Steam Greenlight.
We are so exited about all the feedback.
Please check us out and vote if you like it!

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  • Deep melee combat system - The game provides players with a variety of movements like blocks, dodges, counterattacks and the moves attached to the weapons. You will need to make use of all your movements and strategies to fight.

  • Diverse melee weapons - Pipe wrenches, knives, baseball bats, hammers and more tools. Each weapon has a range of stats and a move set.

  • Deeply challenging difficulty - Player's death helps to bolster enemies and makes them stronger.

  • Level-up system - Collect Essence of demon. Use Essence to enhance character's abilities and buy items. Character's abilities will determine their personality and play style.

  • Backstab - Dodge enemy's attacks and watch for a chance to backstab enemies. Or you can sneak up behind enemies.

  • Supports game controllers with rumble.

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