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Gondor Spellbook

1. Heal (1PP)

- heals units, replaces 1 dead man per battalion (unchanged)

2. Silver trumpets (1PP)

- +10% speed, +30% damage to targeted units

3.Light the beacons! (2PP)

- Signalfires provide leadership 30% armor to nearby troops and can summon fiefdom units

4. Vision of Palantir (2PP)

- spy on the enemy forces

5. Mobilisation (3PP)

- increases production speed of Gondor soldiers and archers

6. Dol Amroth allies (4PP)

- summons 3 battalions of Dol Amroth Knights

7. Gandalf the White (3 PP)

- +300 health, 100% damage from Gandalf´s powers. Powers recharge twice as quickly (unchanged)

8. Elite training (3PP)

- the old wisdom is in Gondor realm still present. The heroes and units can earn experience also if they are not in combat. Creates equipment on the map which level up the unit.

9. Oath of Eorl (6PP)

- summons Rohirrims on the battlefield (unchanged)

10. Cloudbreak (6PP)

- stuns enemy units and temporarily reduce their armor and speed (unchanged)

11. Numenor stonework (3PP)

- increased hitpoints to walls and towers, +20% life to Gondor buildings

12. Army of the dead (15PP)

- Summons the Army of the Dead (unchanged)

The Gondor Citadel (Fortress) can be improved with new upgrades (purchase upgrades in Stonemaker):

House of healing - heals all units around Citadel (left click to activate)

Ivory tower - increase weapon range of catapults and archers (passive power)

Boiling oil - Allows the Citadel to pour boiling oil on nearby enemy troops.

When you purchase upgrade boiling oil in Stonemaker, you need to purchase it again in Citadel. After that, the soldier with boiling oil will appear on top of Citadel. When you want to activate the boiling oil, you need to click on that soldier, not on citadel! - see video in video section.

If the Citadel will be destroyed and builded again. After that you need to destroy and build again also Stonemaker building, otherwise the upgrades will not work!

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