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It's been less than 24 hours since release and we have already got some feedback in. The biggest being from who called the game "extraordinary bad taste".

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We knew that we'd create some controversy with the game, obviously, it's a touchy subject to some people, but we disagree that the game is in bad taste.

When playing the game, and we encourage everyone to (you can get it here) you'll notice that no one dies, no one even gets hurt. We were very sensitive to this during the design phase, and, had to continually defend our position (people wanted to be able to use the golf club as a weapon, we said NO).

I can imagine that any soldier would love to be able to escape the horror of war and play a round of golf. Lets face it, war sucks, people die, there is nothing funny about it. But, we make games about war all the time, and in most of them you DO get to kill people. Are they in bad taste?

The game was made to be fun, not offensive. Hopefully that's what people get from it.

ThatOGDon - - 231 comments

I didn't find the game offensive at all.
I had loads of fun with it.
How would people think this is offensive when they probably play Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, or Battlefield 2 where they kill stupid amounts of people using realistic weapons and equipment.
doesn't make sense.
But, I guess the saying "Opinions are like ********. Everybody has one..." hold true after all.

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OnyeNacho - - 1,344 comments

Lets face it Y'all!, war sucks, Terrorists with AK-47s be climbin' up windows and stachin' people up, killin' em, dead people everywhere, ain't nothing funny about it, SO hide yo kids, yo wife, and you husband too cause' they be killin' everybody out there.

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