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The Sith empire has taken over the galaxy and has crippled the Republic and the Jedi which resulted to the Army of Light. Special thanks to Darth_Ten10dix[DNA].

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The Jedi, the "protectors of Peace", have fallen. Coruscant is in ruins. The Sith rule most of the Galaxy. The Outer Rim and Core Worlds have either been ravaged of enslaved. A new Golden Age has began. The Golden Age of the Sith...The Sith Temple on Coruscant
The New Sith Temple on Coruscant.
It all began when DeadRanger admitted to being a spy for the Jedi. The Jedi had committed an Act of War in Peace time and the Sith were outraged! Darth^Xerstorung, the Dark Lord at the time, wanted the Jedi to pay. He asked his Hand, Darth_Ten10dix, to hold a conference including the Council and most trusted Sith of the Empire. The Sith that planned this attack are Darth Cha-Ching, Darth_Ten10dix, Darth^Xerstorung, Darth-SaberKilla and lord_of_pain for the others either were not on or chose to ignore the conference. Darth_Ten10dix was charged with planning the attacks. He ordered Darth Cha-Ching to attack the Republic territories in the southern Outer Rim. the first to fall to Cha-Ching were Naboo, Malastare and Alzoc. Naga Sadow who, at the time, wasn't in the Sith Empire (but was trusted by Darth_Ten10dix) was asked to help in the attack by taking Onderon and Hapes, Ambria and Nivirun and then to go north and take Cardia and any other nearby systems. Darth_Ten10dix and Darth^Xerstorung both attacked Coruscant. Darth^Xerstorung deactivated the planetary shields by using the codes he had stolen a few months previously, and opened the way for Darth_Ten10dix`s fleet to bombard the planet surface.The Fall of Coruscant!!!
The Destruction of Coruscant...

Complications arose though. the Jedi Grand Master D.L.Tauschung reactivated the shields using backup power generators and also activated planetary weapons to attempt to drive back the Sith forces. Assassin droids were sent to destroy the generators but the Jedi easily destroyed them. Darth^Xerstorung marched towards the Jedi Temple whilst bombers dealt with the generators. Darth^Xerstorung wanted the Jedi Temple intact, as a trophy, and so requested Darth_Ten10dix join him on the planet surface to eradicate the Jedi and Republic forces there. Whilst all this was happening, Cha-Ching and Naga Sadow had already taken their primary targets and ChaChing went on to take planets such as Sullust, Sluis Van and Bespin and cleansing the life off of planets such as Hoth and Dagobah. Naga Sadow was in combat with a Jedi General in orbit over Chazwa but managed to board the Jedi`s flagship and capture the Jedi. Back on Coruscant the Jedi Temple was nearly clean of life, except for a few padawans. One padawan, Tharnis, engaged the Dark Lord in a dual, only to be defeated and forced to flee.
Sith Galaxy wide Attacks.
A Sith Army marches towards the Republic
Military Base, destroying everything in it`s way.

Coruscant surrendered to the Sith, and most of the Outer Rim was under our control. Sith forces established military bases on each and every conquered planet and used every major shipyard for repairs and construction of military ships, just waiting for the order to strike again. The Whole Galaxy turns their eyes to the Dark Lord, wondering what planet he shall strike at next.

Sith Commanders that Participated in the Attack:
Darth Ten10dix
Darth ChaChing
Darth Naga Sadow

Planets Taken:
Harrun Kal
Sluis Van

Fall of Coruscant (2)

The Army of Light

It seems that even with most of the galaxy under Sith control, the Jedi still want to fight back. Our numbers grow daily and our shipyards are churning out ships as we speak. We are recruiting people from cities and villages, wiping their minds and replacing them with ones possessing complete loyalty to the Sith to form garrisons at most bases. Our numbers have almost doubled, and soon they shall be tripled. But a few days ago, Kuat was attacked by a Jedi force. Although most of the shipyards are intact, many ships were destroyed. The Jedi have formed the Army of Light, a force composed of Jedi and anyone else who wishes to try to oppose us. They took us by surprise when they attacked, they shall not take us by surprise again...Sith Galaxy wide Attacks.
Civilians being escorted to the nearby Sith
Base. Their minds shall be warped and they shall
be our new Soldiers

We have increased defenses on all fronts and our main fleets have been spread out between the Core World shipyards to ensure their safety. We still have fleets patrolling the Outer Rim, fleets large enough to crush any resistance. The Core Worlds have been locked down, all hyperspace lanes in and out are being stopped by Interdictors, escorted by the best ships we have. Only Sith are allowed in or out. The best defense is a good offense, and therefore we shall strike again as soon as we have a target. Many worlds have joined us, they are afraid that what happened to the worlds who opposed us would happen to them. Since those worlds joined us without opposition we shall take only 50% of the population and turn them into Sith soldiers, the rest can carry on with their lives under Sith rule. Let this be a friendly warning to all Jedi who intercept this Transmission: We are ready for you, but are you ready for us?

The Battle of Sluis Van
It seems the Jedi have finally come out of hiding and made a full attack on Sluis Van in an attempt to seize captured Republic ships. The Jedi have finally resorted to full scale war, no more petty raids or covert operations.
The Battle started as Jedi Council member, master Headhunter, arrived over Sluis Van, engaging the Sith Defense Fleet stationed there. Whilst both fleets engaged in a fearsome firefight, Jedi Council member master Ariel lead a small AoL fleet to the flank of the shipyards, and sent shuttles full of enough AoL soldiers to man a good portion of the captured Republic ships. Meanwhile, Darth_Ten10dix had been alerted of the attack and gathered his fleet, including the fearsome "Vernichtung", which had been his flagship from before the Yuuzhan Vong wars, and raced to Sluis Van, contacting all nearby Sith patrols and fleets to mobilize and reinforce the shipyards. Back on Sluis Van, the Sith fleet had been destroyed, and the Shipyard captured by AoL forces. The main AoL fleet moved into a defensive position, awaiting the inevitable counter attack be Sith forces. They did not wait long. Darth_Ten10dix`s fleet jumped into orbit and immediately began firing on AoL ships whilst charging up the superlaser on the Vernichtung, targeting the Shipyard to stop any of the ships from escaping undamaged. AK151 soon followed with his own personal fleet. Between them, they reduced the AoL fleet to ruins in minutes. The Vernichtung's superlaser was charged up, and things looked very bad for the Jedi forces...
Galactic War
The Sith fleet engages Jedi Forces other Sluis Van.

But then, seemingly out of nowhere, came the The New Empire (TNE) fleet, commanded by recently promoted Jedi Knight Tharnis. Tharnis was on board his new flagship, and pride of the AoL fleet, "The Paix", one of the last Super Star Destroyers possessed by the New Empire. He put himself in such a position that if either myself or AK151 wanted to engage the rest of the AoL fleet, we needed to get past the Paix. Then, the shipyard exploded. It seemed like Ariel had planted bombs and set them off at a safe distance. Darth_Ten10dix, dismayed at not being able to use his superlaser to destroy the captured Republic ships en mass, decided to do the next best thing: wipe out their last hope, the Paix. Tharnis realized what was going to happen and he knew that if he did not react soon, the Paix would be destroyed. He therefore had three options: try to get out of the Superlasers range, which was unlikely, retreat, leaving the AoL forces to be butchered, or ram the Vernictung in an attempt to destroy it as well as the Paix. But things didn't go as planned... AK151's flagship, the Valiance, used its massive weapons to seriously damage the Paix. Its engines were down, and then came its final moment.
The Vernichtung fired its superlaser, and the last hope of having any chance against the Sith fleet the Jedi may of had went down, in a fury of flames...
Fall of
Fall of "The Paix".
Although the Paix was done, the Jedi were not out. Or rather, they were. Tharnis managed to escape along with most of his crew, and they retreated, followed by Headhunters forces and Ariel and the captured Republic ships. AK151 managed to infiltrate Ariel's flagship, and killed both republic soldiers and Jedi alike inside until he met with Ariel himself. After a tense and long duel, AK151 knew that staying on-board would mean capture, so he escaped using his fighter. This is a Victory for both sides, the Republic gained new ships and the Paix, the last hope the Jedi had of destroying Sith ships such as The Vernichtung, was down. Is this the first of many daring raids on Sith worlds? Or maybe the first step for a full scale invason? Only time will tell... (and it better damn be in favor of the Sith, or I quit lol).

Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

Leaving this here, The Darjetii were allies of the Mandalore.

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_w_ - - 6,176 comments

hmm, kinda cool, haven't read it all. but i think the jedi/republic will be beaten that easily!

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Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

You know I should have read this earlier, I see some create tactical errors here.
In time the Darjetii will lose and the Jetiise do not even need to lift a finger.

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Adenn`Verda - - 2,819 comments

cool. Jetiise will fall easily

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Adenn`Verda - - 2,819 comments

ps im new to this type of things. ori`verda can u pls pm how these battles and such work out?

im more of a Repblic Commando type of guy. :P

ps do u have xfire or steam?

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Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

Why did you ask me? I never took part in one of these battles, Ask a more active member i'm sure they know.

X-Fire: rkgd7th

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Adenn`Verda - - 2,819 comments

lmao idk u look smart XD

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Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

I am but I don't have a command JUST YET but I will ;D

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Arcones - - 5,546 comments

For all those who haven't been keeping track of the Sith/Jedi war, we haven't lost. That article is about a month and a half old and we've done serious damage in that time. It's out of date.

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Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

Trust me the Darjetii will fall in a few minutes if they don't fix this mistake of theirs.

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Ten10dix - - 6,421 comments

Erm, what? This article IS up to date. The only real serious damage you have done (apart from Kuat, which was just a few stoeln ships, and Geonossis which set us back a little) was on Sluis Van, which has been posted here.

Note: I never stated the Jedi had lost.

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JediXaiviar - - 562 comments

Nice article JB!
Kinda in the wrong place though???

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