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Gold push! The final frontier! This update includes: end game scenes and further polish for our game.

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This week is the final push for the game development of Rekindle before the showcase on Tuesday, 12/10.

We finally fixed some bugs that have been persisting throughout the development of the project, including revival and doing the ritual. They should both finally be fully functional. We also added some animations between states for the character, including being revived by the fire. A big new element to the game is the end and lose scene. When you win, you get a scene that displays stats for the round and a happy atmosphere of the girls playing around in the snow. When you lose, you see all of the girls frozen and the monsters dancing around them. We also made the game easier, and added a final rush at the end that the players have to get through together to win.

These changes add no new mechanic to the game, but they do add quite a bit of polish to the feel of our game. Our end game screens have lacked the art and general care put in to the rest of the game, so we're happy to finally have something that matches the cuteness and charm that we put into the rest of the game. The added animations hopefully tell the player more info about their actions. We added more delay for when someone is revived for the fire, and sometimes they'd be confused with whether or not they were put in the right spot or not. Now with the melting, they know that they did. We needed to make the game easier for the showcase so that people can actually win our game. We did some testing with new players so that we could gauge this correctly. We want people to see our win scene, if maybe after trying one or two times and failing.

As this is the final update for the class, there are no major updates planned for the showcase tomorrow. Hopefully this version works through our testing that we'll do for long play time at the showcase. This isn't the end for the development of this game though. We hope to update some gameplay in order to get in to the game display at our school. This includes being able to play with 2-4 players instead of strictly 4, as well as some possible further polish.

We're exited to have everyone play our game tomorrow! Rekindle is a game we all love and put a ridiculous amount of work into, and we hope everyone will be able to see that and enjoys the game just as much as we do.

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