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White Day Repackaged - Update on progress & going on hiatus.

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Hello everyone. It's been about 7 months since the last update, so I wanted to let you all know the mod isn't dead. However... I can't say when I'll be back. Life has gotten in the way of things, as life often does.

When I return, I plan to finish the translation for the last dozen or so documents, take the mod out of early access, and continue to make other improvements.

I also have ambitions to restore some of the cut content in this game, in a faithful and user friendly way. This would be separate from White Day Repackaged.

Until then, if you need any help or want to talk more about White Day with other fans, join our discord server. I will be most active there.

All the best


EDIT 15.11.22 - I'm back! :)

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