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Godumas, an upcoming horror location based puzzle co-op game, where your wits will be tested. Explore a forgotten island that once stood as a thriving isolated land with its own religion, leaders and economy. Every game will feel different, because your starting location, escape location and types, hint location, treasure location and item and equipment locations are spawned randomly. There are over 500 unique spawn locations.

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Can you solve location based puzzles while being chased?
Will you help your friends from being sacrificed?
Can you and your friends escape a mysterious island?

Up to 4 player co-opSteamEventImg 0

Play with your friends, use teamwork to solve puzzles and escape. The more players are connected, the more treasures and items there are… also there are more enemies.

Enemies with unique behaviorsSteamEventImg 2

Every enemy will attack you in different ways. Always keep your guard up.

Customizable difficultySteamEventImg 1

Customize your gameplay experience and play how you want to play. There are 9 different difficulty settings.

Location based puzzlesSteamEventImg 3

The map does not show your current location. You must get your bearings using POI’s and landmarks. Search for equipment to help you navigate the island.

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Godumas on Steam

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