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This is part 3 (of 3) of the shared units of the Baltic factions.

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This is part 3 (of 3). While this might be the last part of the shared units, don't forget that these are not all of the Baltic units. Each divine hero faction also has its own special units and variations.

In today's article we will take a look at: Skirmisher, Marauder, Witch and Leshy!

The Skirmisher

1 skirmisher

Fast and agile skirmishers, they throw javelins at enemies from short range and block incoming enemy projectiles with their shields. These units are excellent at attacking the exposed flanks of your enemies. They are fast enough to escape from most humans and can "kite" them around. However, fast units such as knights can make short work of these skirmishers if you're not careful.

Upgrade: Giltine's kiss. Giltine, goddess of death, has granted skirmishers her venom. Skirmishers gain a new attack that allows them to deal foul damage and slow enemies.

Upgrade: Janis' guidance. Janis, god of passage, travel, gateways and change of seasons, blesses skirmishers. Skirmishers gain an increase in speed, allowing them to move faster.

The Marauder

2 Marauder

Light infantry wielding a club for bludgeoning. Marauders are dangerous individuals and can often be found raiding. These units have simple armor and make up for their lack of equipment in strength.

Upgrade: Throwing axes. Marauders gain the ability to throw deadly axes from a small distance, weakening the enemy before entering melee.

Upgrade: Stunning blow. Marauders upgrade their club to be more more dangerous. Stuns an enemy for a short duration.

The Witch

3 witch

A caster that deals foul damage and debuffs enemies. In a cabin in the woods, witches practice their magics and craft trinkets. Together with spirits, they brew and cook up their potions and oddities.

You might notice that they are not depicted as the usual hags in fantasy, as this would have been more of an idea that arose with the outlawing of magic. Instead, they are wielders of knowledge, eccentric, dangerous, but not monsters. Their knowledge of magic is symbolized in the snake symbol, the zalktis.

Upgrades: Sticks and bones. Witches can curse you with brittle bones and rusty armor. Applies a debuff to enemies, making them vulnerable to foul magic. In addition, the debuff reduces armor, making the unit a great counter against heavily armored foes.

The Leshy

4 leshy

(model is a work in progress - this is what some units look like before getting a detail pass)

A Leshy is a mythological creature shared in many Balto-Slavic folklores, known in Latvian as 'Me┼żainis' and Lithuanian 'Miškinis'. We went for the better known and shorter name of Leshy for clarity.

A large high health mythical siege unit that can push enemies and deals high damage to buildings. A giant woodland spirit, clad in bark and torn cloth, he scares people out of his forest. If you come across him, you must do everything possible to appease him to avoid his anger. Some survival advice would be to offer him some food, or turn your clothing inside out to make him laugh. But I'd say you're better off hiding your axe.

Upgrade: Foul spores. The Leshy's wooden skin grows symbiotic mushrooms. Whenever damage is dealt in melee range, spores are released, dealing foul damage to the attacker. In addition, the Leshy gains faster health regeneration.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed the shared unit overview!


Some fixes from the first playtest are coming along nicely recently, so we are expecting to be ready for another playtest sooner rather than later.

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