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Let's have a look at some of the Baltic units in Godsworn, starting with the units commonly shared between the Baltic gods.

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Let's take a look at some units that the Baltic pagan faction features. Each god has their own combination of common units, with additional god-specific units, structures, upgrades and powers. The shared units might not always appear in each lineup, but this is something that can change as we tweak the balance of each god's sub-faction. So we'll be taking a look at these shared units first, in three parts.

The Tribesman

1 tribesmen crop

Light spear and shield infantry. Tribesmen are young warriors eager to gain experience in combat. They are a cost-effective counter to cavalry, but need to be produced in bulk.

Upgrade: Bear Shield. Grants the unit a health and armor increase. The upgrade also features a bear-fur hat visual, a reference to the bear-slayer legend/poem.

Upgrade: Laima's luck. The goddess favors the young and brave. She grants tribesmen a lucky hit at the start of battle, dealing critical damage.

The Ranger

2 rangers crop

Light infantry with medium range and quick arrow shots. They are skilled hunters that can accurately hit their targets at distance. However, rangers have low health/armor, and can be easily overwhelmed if not protected.

Upgrade: Recurve bow. As their archery experience grows, the rangers acquire better bows. Grants rangers a recurve bow, increasing range from medium to long, and increasing damage.

Upgrade: Stalk. Rangers attune with their surroundings, embodying the grace of a stag. Allows them to crouch down for an ambush, making a powerful calculated shot at the start of combat.

The Herbalist

3 herbalists crop

Unarmed unit that heals units over time. Known by the common people as a good witch, she heals with herbs, salves, potions and magic.

Upgrade: Cure. The herbalist gains a better understanding of the healing herbs, and carries more knowledge of magic with her in a tree bark scroll. Replaces the heal of the herbalist with a stronger version that also removes debuffs from friendlies.

Upgrade: White Zalktis (Saule special). Grass snakes were considered symbols of knowledge and magic, while a rare albino version of the snake was known to be especially powerful. These snakes are favored creatures of the goddess Saule, whose blessing the herbalists must attain to gain the knowledge of the snake. Heals wounded allies in a small area with instant effect.

The Spigana

4 spigana crop

In the depths of the forests and bogs, an elusive fae creature dwells. An embodiment of the natural decay process, she leaves behind mushroom circles.

A mythical unit that throws foul magic over long range in an area, causing disease and rot. She is an excellent anti-spam unit and very effective against humans.

Upgrade: Malduguns. Wandering too long near swamps can be dangerous, as the Spigana might decide to lead you off the path with a flickering blue fire, an irresistible lure. Slows enemies that are hit in the target area.

See you again in part 2!

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Lovely lovely designs!

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