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Goblin Camp v0.15 brings with it bug fixes as well as lots of new features like battlements for firing bows over walls, exotic immigrants, weather and seasons, performance optimizations, an improved tutorial and surplus item dumping.

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Goblin Camp v0.15 has been released! I've done a lot of work to ensure that the multithreaded pathfinding is now threadsafe, as that has been the cause of most if not all crashes before. I've also fixed all the bugs that I've managed to find thus far. Performance has also been improved, and the UI has been tweaked as well.

Feature wise there's lots of new things. You can now build battlements to allow your orcs to fire over walls, there's weather in the form of rain, seasons change and as it gets cold the ground will get covered with snow and the river will freeze over. To stave off death by thirst in the winter you can barrel water, and water is a required ingredient for many other products. Trolls may join your camp over time, and will contribute to the defence of the camp. They will need to eat and drink, though, so the help isn't free.

(v0.15) Camp viewed with the default renderer

Goblin Camp keeps count of how many items and constructions you've built, how much filth you've generated and how many creatures have been killed. These stats then will give you a certain amount of points, so you can see how well you've done.

Autosaves have been implemented so that you won't lose too much progress if something unexpected happens, and saves can be automatically compressed to only take a fraction of the sapce they used to take.

I've made changes to wind and fire avoidance so that fire is no longer quite as completely lethal, and goblins will also douse fires by themselves.

(v0.15) Camp viewed with the tileset renderer

Go try it out and tell me what you think!

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