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Goblin Camp v0.11 released, changes include weapons, spawning pools, stone quarries and flying monsters.

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Version v0.11 is here! Includes lots of small fixes and enhancements, and a few major additions. You can now craft weapons to make your orcs more effective fighters, mine stone from quarries, watch bees fly over your walls and poison your goblins, and spawn new recruits from the Spawning Pool .

A more developed camp Screenshots from Goblin Camp
Screenshots from Goblin Camp

Short changelog:

  • All data files are in libtcod format now, instead of XML. Modding should be notably easier
  • Mods no longer need to modify the .dat files that come with GC, instead you can place them in their own folder under the ‘mods’ folder, and they’ll automatically be read in.
  • Fixed several bugs (walls display correctly now, for example)
  • No more random orc/goblin migrants
  • You can establish a spawning pool to spawn more recruits
  • Creatures have creature specific attacks, and can inflict other effects as well (a bee sting may poison your orcs)
  • Stone quarries can be dug out and will produce stone for you. Underground nasties may attack from within, so beware.
  • Constructions and areas can be designated by clicking and dragging, in addition to the original two-click method.
  • Flying monsters have been implemented, walls won’t keep out everything now!
  • Sleeping on the rough ground will have a detrimental effect, so now you have a reason to build beds
  • Constructions set to be dismantled display this fact as well
  • msvcr100.dll and msvcp100.dll are included in the .zip to make install easier.

New constructions, creatures and items are included, many created by the community. A big thanks to everyone who’s contributed with mods and/or code!

UsernameDeleted - - 2 comments

This is quite a fun game and all of you should try playing it

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maddnesscats - - 210 comments

yeah, it is fun

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stuntaneous - - 32 comments

hot tip: just play dwarf fortress.

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