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Work on Conflict Terra has become slow and scattered, due to poorly defined goals and personal interferences (college!) So, we decided to outline our goals for the next version, 1.03.

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  • Implement random start positions
  • Make a few more load screens
  • Removal of the Hover Transport
  • Track down the Healthbars Widget
  • Get Conflict Terra as a front-page game for Spring Downloader
  • Make a map
  • Put muzzle flare effects on the Mobile Headquarters
  • Observe and confirm various balance changes implemented in 1.02

What this Means for You:
This won't be a balance heavy update. Most of what we've been working on is polish, and getting our game more publicity. With specific CT maps, and being on the front page of Spring Downloader, we're hoping to further cement our place in the Spring and open-source RTS community.

Things to Look For Farther in the Future:
Further balance, as always, can be expected. A steady process of remodeling and possibly reworking units that we're not happy with can also be expected. AI is currently in development and will most likely be so for a long time. Hopefully more CT maps will be made in the future, and eventually, the PN will make its debut.

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