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The game and the demo as been updatted to version 1.6. The invincibility frames is a very important things and makes the fights more better.Next update will comes soon.

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GO TO HELL new update

The game and the demo as been updatted to version 1.6.

Demo :

Gotohell-Demo D.1.6

Also the demo should be availible on steam soon.

Update 1.6 :

- adding an invincibility frame when player is hit.

- fixes bugs on enemy shots.

- fixes some minor bugs.

The invincibility frame is a very important thing and makes the fights more balanced.

Next update will comes soon.


Thank you and please read carefully this little FAQ.


Q : Weapons, chests and and enemies reappear when load or change map ?

A : As I already says this is not a bug, the game is made like this.

Q : The game is hard.
A : Yes, maybe sometimes if you are not good at fps you should play a another game.

Q : I'm lost in the game what can I do ?
A : Use your brain, also there is a walkthrough in the video section.

Q : Can I have a free steam key ?
A : Why not if you are a game streamer, let message me and I will give you one.

Q : Why the game isn't free ?
A : ...


Looks pretty bad. The only GO TO HELL for me is the java game from Morpheme.

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al-bundy Author

cool story, bro

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