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A new mod for you... Not much known about it, but it's OK. Really.

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Well, there we are, looks like I managed to muster another update after all, and not even after a particularly long time. We're putting an (almost) total conversion under our magnifying glass, but since there's no accompanying information at all, everything I know has been deduced from how the game itself looks and plays. Let's see.

The name is Commando, the author is unknown. Eight maps for the Third Encounter. There is no readme, nothing at all, so we can only conclude (by which I mean guess) that you're some special operative sent on another incredibly important mission. I suppose that's not a huge departure from most Wolf games and mods then. The levels are competent, ranging from small to extensive, decently varied and solidly put together, but don't expect miracles. Tons of enemies in close quarters, of course. One unusual thing that stands out is rows of pickups hidden behind static objects, with no way to access them; apparently they only exist to tease the player. Odd, but not unheard of.

If we were to deduce anything about the game's plot based on its graphic resources, you're supposed to kill Otto Giftmacher (who replaces Hitler; it's even the same "vampire" sprite we've already seen in a couple other mods). There's only one problem with this assumption: he does not appear anywhere in the game. Perhaps the mod was never finished, yet released to the public anyway. Taking a broader look, numerous new graphics can be traced back to Doom or Laz Rojas mods, but there's also some ostensibly new stuff, like one of the bosses actually shows two enemies in one sprite, and while bosses that comprise multiple people aren't entirely original (see Die, Himmler, Die!), I haven't seen this particular sprite set before. Overall it's a decent selection, with maybe a few oddities.

Two warnings. There also seems to be something about the mod that makes Wolfenstein crash on start on Basilisk II. There's also one caveat about the fourth floor (1-3): it has a secret exit, but no secret path is specified for this map (or any other map, for that matter), so as things stand, pulling the secret switch ends the game... You probably don't want to do that. As far as I'm concerned, it's just another indication that the mod was never properly finished. Oh well. Try to enjoy it for what it is anyway: an OK piece of Mac modding that doesn't really tread new ground, but offers some familiar gameplay for anyone who still craves more.

No idea.

commando 1

commando 3

commando 2


Next up: stuff and things.

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