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For all those wondering how far along in development Gnome Mountain is right now, here is an in depth explanation...

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For anybody that is wondering how far along Gnome Mountain is in development, the good news is it is quite far and a majority of the game is playable and working right now.

So far every building in the game is in and completely functional, as well as all the different industries such as wheat farm -> flour mill -> bakery (there are a lot of industries in the game), this includes mining of all the mineral veins and all metal related industries, as well as the ability to build and place traps and trap systems.

The AI system is almost fully complete, gnomes will go about their daily lives eating, drinking and sleeping, completing the tasks you set around the map, visiting taverns and libraries for recreation, interacting with other gnomes etc.

The procedural mountain generator is mostly complete, right now I'm adding a system of generating caves and dungeons that will contain dangers, treasures and possibly NPCs that can join your city to add bonuses (one of the possible features I'm considering)

What I'm still working on before the game's release: right now I'm still working on the combat system, so far only the thief type enemy is in the game, other enemies aren't implemented but generally they don't take very long to add, though I still need to go over some design-related issues with some of the enemies. I also need to implement a proper user interface for the game, right now you'll notice there is no interface in the screenshots (the ugly developer interface is hidden by the game being in screenshot mode), so I'll very soon be adding the actual player interface and polishing the game's controls.

Very soon I'll also be posting some YouTube or Screen Toaster videos showing how the game plays, and some more detailed screen shots of bigger and more complex cities, the current screen shots don't really show much of what the game has to offer.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions for what you think of the game, or what you think the game needs to make it more fun =)

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