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The Global Storm mod v0.6 - The Last Stand. To win or lose it's up to you.

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A long time ago I started to mod Battlefield 2 to fit my personal taste. I only started with simple tweaks like rocket speed and different weapons choice to spawn with. Now After a year and a half, it looks like that my modding days are over. I just don't have time to work on any mods. So this is probably my last version of my Global Storm mod. In one week from now, I'll release Global Storm SF v0.3.

Even though I'm ending my mod, it doesn't mean it's unfinished, it's far from unfinished. The mod has evolved to a point that I've reached my modding knowledge level and I don't have time and will to learn new things. But anything more would change gameplay of Battlefield 2 and the goal of my mod is to improve gaming experience not change it. My mod never was a realism mod, why would it be, since you got mod/s exclusively made for that. The Global Storm mod was made to bring some "fresh light" into it and to be appealing to all Battlefield 2 fans. If you like Battlefield 2 gamestyle, then you'll surely like Global Storm mod.

I'll still be here in order to provide help and if need some hotfix patch.

But I must ask you one question:

Global Storm mod v0.6Global Storm mod v0.6
Global Storm mod v0.6Global Storm mod v0.6

See you on the battlefield soldier !


Turkish007 - - 3,265 comments

Aww, I liked anims you make :(

Well thank yo for all this effort!

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mickLMZR - - 542 comments

You done a great job, i had great fun playing most of your releases, i've got to try Special Forces .v0.3 too when it comes out.

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Guest - - 692,603 comments

Hi there, thanks for the Mod! I just flushed BF4 as I don't have time to play MP on BF4 and the SP is just not for me. I downloaded the BF2 1.5 and your 0.6 verison. Did the changes as per your readme notes. It crashes at about 15% before entering the game. Any advise on how to fix this?


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FoxFort Author
FoxFort - - 1,553 comments

I don't know, please read my post here:
There you can read on how to report a crash. Please read it, try it and report back. But make it sure you updated your BF2 to 1.41 after that update it to 1.50. If that is not a problem, then delete "cache" in "Documents\Battlefield 2". Anyway please read what's in link, and report back. Thank you.

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foradeservei95 - - 155 comments

Oooooooh yis!

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EliabeTR - - 1 comments

download error stop in 99%

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FoxFort Author
FoxFort - - 1,553 comments

Only thing you can do is to try again :)

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