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The new version a fashion.Colors of commands became bright.

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1. The price 1500, power remained from last versions, fires on planes.
2. The INSTANT of "Tesla" is added armed тесла by coils, I have increased power of coils, have increased health of an instant with 200 to 1000, the price 5000, an instant can attack the air and land purposes.
3. A probe the terrorist began more "to gnaw faster the reservation"
4. An apocalypse health 6000, the price 5000, power remained from last versions, fires on planes, the harpoon drags now air targets the same, power of a harpoon has increased.
5.V-4 rate of fire in 1,5 times has increased, range of rockets is increased.
6. дредноут starts 3 rockets, the price, range of rockets, power of rockets, speed of rockets is increased, is supplied by air defense guns.
7. A dirigible balloon киров, only power hardly hardly is increased.
8. The bomber "Badger" is added
9.сборщик resources to bring every second 5 resources.
10. The crane builds now new "the Experimental crane" which builds experimental factory where are made "тесла tanks" and airdrome where "Satellite investigation" in satellite investigation 3 units now is made: a probe, the companion, station.
11. Mobile bunker "Destroyer" is added can to swim on water, but at its destruction on water the infantry will naturally die, to it is attached дрон.
12. The dirigible balloon "Kirov a fortress", вооружёт by 2 machine guns, 12 rockets, 2 guns of air defense is added.

1. The supersonic bomber "Artemis" fast and powerful is added.

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When will it release?:)

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