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What's a party game without alternative skins and costumes? Or, for that matter, silly hats? For Feature Friday we're sharing a few of the options that will be available to players in Glitchrunners!

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Glitchrunners Feature Friday – Alternate Costumes!

The only thing more important than grabbing as much glitch energy as you can is looking good doing it - and luckily, Glitchrunners will have plenty of alternate costumes for you and your friends to unlock. We'll take a look at a few of the starter skins now, but please bear in mind that the game is in beta and all art is subject to change!

indiedb costumes 01

All Glitchrunners start with their uniform – a fetching number in orange, grey and white, with a unique piece of headgear. Glitchrunners take their uniform very seriously, and tend to personalise it to suit themselves.

indiedb costumes 02

Your uniform, while certainly attractive, might be a little conspicuous for some of you, and you'd prefer to go glitchrunning incognito. The Builder skin above gives you a high-vis jacket and sturdy safety helmet – perfect for dodging those errant wrecking balls!

indiedb costumes 03

Sometimes, of course, you just want to look as ridiculous as you possibly can – we'll have you covered there as well with outlandish headgear such as this rubber chicken mask.

We hope you'll enjoy all the alternate costumes in the game – and remember, if you have any questions about Glitchrunners feel free to leave us a comment, come say hi on twitter or facebook or email us at!

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