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Glaviota, 2050, the world is full of zombies. For the first time for years, you'll have to go out of your shelter for a mission and you'll have to fight hordes of zombis in this GZDoom TC mod !

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GL 2050 V.20220302, a GZDOOM TC mod.

We are in the year 2050, in Glaviota (an imaginary eastern country).

The world is full of zombi since a purple goo reactor exploded a few years ago.

The purple goo is a mysterious matter studied by scientists since years in Glaviota because they think it may have unknown powers.

You play a scientist living in the shelter 12.

One day, the chief asks you to his office. Does he have a mission for you ? Will you have to fight legion of zombis ?

Screenshot Doom 20210408 072100

Screenshot Doom 20210408 071918

Screenshot Doom 20210408 071536

Screenshot Doom 20211005 171412

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