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new update using NeenerWiener Companion code and 3 new Dolls.

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new update using NeenerWiener companion code and a few new features

first there are 2 types of dolls offensive and defensive there is not much difference between them

defensive dolls keep their position as they fire acting almost like turrets while offensive dolls run and gun almost like the player

offensive dolls are SMG AR and Handguns Screenshot Doom 20220724 195339

and defensive dolls are Shotguns Rifles and LMG

Screenshot Doom 20220724 194615

and there are 3 new dolls



and M870

Screenshot Doom 20220724 192959

all dolls are in their own pk3 files because it was a mess keeping them on one single pk3 because of the new code

but they all can be combined i sugest playing with all dolls only if you have a high end pc low and mid i recommend using up to 4 or 5 dolls

hope you all like it and sorry for the wait

see you all on the next update it will be a little long time until the next update because i burned out i was working on this and other project (Halo Doom Mod) at the same time and it realy took a long time

but finaly both are done and now i can work on more dolls once i rest a bit

once again thank you all for waiting and i hope you like it

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