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I've been neglecting this site again, but never fear! Reliquary is still alive and trundling along toward that far-off ambulatory goalpost that is completion. Or is it just a mirage? Either way, stuff is happening and I've got the .GIFs to prove it.

Melee Charge Attack

Melee attacks can be charged for extra damage and a bigger arc.


Shop UI shows item names and stats now. None of those numbers are final, but they sure do exist. That's something.


Stage progression isn't purely linear anymore, so it's got some new UI for picking which region you want to visit. Each of the five major regions need to be unlocked by clearing the previous one, but once they're available they stay that way even if you die. Revisiting cleared regions under certain conditions will allow you to branch off into hidden areas.


The camera is a zoomed out a little more than before to make navigation easier, but this made seethers feel slower because they spent more time traveling across the screen when charging the player. So now they're even faster, but turn more slowly when facing away from the player so they make bigger loops off screen. This is to make it harder to predict where they'll come from. You just hear them getting closer and feel like you're being hunted. Or I hope you do, anyway.


Explosions, acid and a few other things have cool bouncy particles now.


I've been messing with rendering 3D models at low resolution in certain instances where I can get away with it. This is a much more dynamic motion than I could animate by hand and still doesn't break with the game's aesthetic.

Temporal Anomaly

I've also been playing with shader effects for stuff like this temporal anomaly. It's like someone threw a gravity well in a blender so space and time are being pulled in different directions. Tears you up pretty quick. The answer to your question is no, I am not a physicist.

So yeah, that's some good stuff, right? Progress!

I'm working on polishing some stuff for an updated demo release too, so that'll be turning up pretty soon. The one that's available now is getting a little moldy these days. Just sitting there, getting gross. It's a little embarrassing. Like a really incriminating fart.

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