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This explains what the release update is going to be like and when its going to come.

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Hello! Ghost in the dummy is hopefully going to release soon. I have deicided the release update Date. Nov 12th. yes. I know that is not far away, but i really dont have much of the game left to develop, all i have is act 3 and the final and fear house. I will make a seperate article showing the development of act final and fear house. The release update is going to contain Final version levels, act 3 and final and fear house, a ending, and a menu. I know that the Fear House and Final is still confusing. (I really havent talked about them much...) Now there is ONE problem with this release date... that i have another project suppose to release before Ghost in the dummy, so i have to get to work on that. That leaves less room for Ghost in the dummy. But it will still work out i think. Fun fact for no reason: there was a video i was going to post on youtube before the update came out, but when making the vid, it crashed and then it took me a while to realize that it still existed, so i posted it, even tho it came out after the update.

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