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This explains what act 3 is going to be and what it is so far.

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Act 3 is very unfinished at the moment (3/26/18) But there is some development.

The Player grows up and decides to move away. To an old house that nobody has used in a while.

The House The player moves into.

After Moving away The Mannequin Has some problems too... After him building onto it way to much it burns to the ground somehow.

Dummy's Burning House

Then The mannequin Decides to follow the player to his new home and make it his own. He throws the player out and fixes up the house and locks up the basement.... with nothing inside..?

Dummy's Fixed House

Well, there is nothing important inside... it is just a small room, which will be expanded into a capture basement like the previous one. But when the player gets inside he doesnt see that its nothing. Instead he sees the old broken torn down basement.

Broken down basement

Then He ventures through that basement until... he has been put into the things area by the Mannequin. (signs of peace?) But then the player completes the challenges and gets inside the fear house. It is a NIGHTMARE. BUT. At that point it is in act FINAL and the Fear House.


When does it open

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