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details on whats left to do before the next release

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Ok today i finished everything up to tier 12. What this means is all ive got to do is the heroes (most needing to be fully coded from scratch), the upgrade system (also needs to be fully coded in) and the starbases.

Coding the heroes will probably take the longest time comparitivly because i need to code each hero seperatly and then balance them in, in tiers (see previous news for more details). Adding all the TEXT and other details needed will probably take some time, but i plan on getting them done one faction at a time, starting with SW and then balancing SG off that. Then BSG (since ive got to add a few new heroes) and finally ST since it needs the most work.

Ill release more details on the upgrade system when i finish the heroes(or u can view a basic version on my blog). But basically the way it works (for SG atm) is you build the Midway Station, and on that are all your upgrades for all your different ships. Right now the AI builds the station and some of the upgrades (the ones in the AI code) so it plays well. Unfortunatly they bring the base up into battle. Ive tried to minimise this by making the station move really slowly. Also the station itself has no weapons but it is heavily shielded so it takes a betting. If it gets destroyed u loose all ur upgrades.

Most units will require an upgrade of some level to make them playalbe...

anyway whats left...

Hammond - Faction Leader (DONE)
Mckay/Shpard - Essentially 3PO. Its needed to tech up rebels in GC. (DONE)
SG1 - Alkesh - DONE
Mitchel - In X305 - rough coding done, needs balancing
Lionel Pendergast - X303 (Prometheus) - minor balance coding needed
Apophis - Apophis Motheship - minor balance coding needed
Anubis - Anubis Mothership - minor balance coding needed
Daedalus - BC304 MK2 - minor balance coding needed
Thor - Oniel Mk2 - minor balance coding needed

Predisent Roslin - Faction Leader (DONE)
Starbuck - Blackbird (black Viper Mk2 until i get a blakckbird model) - DONE
Scar - New Cylon Raider - needs minor balancing
Apollo - Firestar - needs to be fully coded in from scratch
Kendra Shaw Valkyrie - needs to be fully coded in from scratch
Adama - Galactica - Minor balance coding
Cain - Pegasus - Minor balance coding
Number 1 - New Basestar - Minor Balance coding

Star Wars
Emperor - Leader (done)
Han Solo - Millenium Falcon - DONE
Luke - X-Wing squad - Ability: Lucky Shot - minor balance coding
Sundered Heart - minor balancing
Yoda - Non-Carrier Venator - rough coding done, needs balancing
Home One - minor balancing
Accuser Star Destroyer - minor balancing
Vader - Super Star Destroyer - rough coding done, needs balancing

Star Trek
Starfleet Commander - Faction Leader - needs to be coded from scratch - dont actually have a name for this person...
Kruge - Bird of Prey - DONE
Spock - Type 11 - 3 man squad - needs to be coded from scratch
Jonathan Archer - NX01 "Enterprise - needs to be coded from scratch
JT Kirk - Constitution class "Enterprise " - minor balance coding
Captain Janeway - USS Voyger - minor balance coding
Sisko - USS Defiant - minor blanace coding
Captain Picard - Sovereign Class "Enterprise" - minor balance coding

Hero Coding will be noted after each specific hero is finished. After that then i need to do...

Upgrade Station -
Upgrade System -
Starbase Lv1 -
Starbase Lv2 -
Starbase LV3 -
Starbase Lv4 -
Starbase Lv5 -
Update AI with new buildable units -


Out of curiosity, will there be a ground mode for this mod?

Otherwise, looking good. Or at least, it looks like it'll be good.

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with the anubis mothership are you making the energy weapon usable?

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Spinobreaker Author

@Wordwmith_vithar - no ground yet, because ive only got ground units for star wars (the normal units) and Stargate (from the stargate mod)
i dont have ground units and buildings for ST or BSG. So unfortunatly i wont have a ground section for the forseeable future, unless its SG v SW lol

@Madman - Nah, sorry its complicated but it wont, after all u only see it use it once in the show but u c him in the non-weaponised one a half dozen times so thats y i went with that one

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Can't really complain about no ground; FoC's ground battles weren't exactly what one would call "epic". Unlike the space battles.

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true, and Spino will you post the tech adv for the game?

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I might want to make a suggestion, u might want to add Dash Rendar in his Outrider as a Star Wars hero.

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Spinobreaker Author

unfotunatly i dont have a model for that

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Hey Spino, just so you know, the AI really sucks, at least in conquest. Also, I am gonna be nit picky and say the Battlestars would be a LOT cooler if they actually shot some bullets, instead of just some missiles. Finally, how do you tech up as the BSG? I mean, I won only with Galactica and Pegasus but still...

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change the captain of the NX-01 to Jonathan Archer, and your all good for the star trek faction

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Spinobreaker Author

thanks for your help Obliterator and Zafrin, a blend of your stuff has found a good balance for ST.

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