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A development update in which we talk about the latest features added to the game, one of the game's factions as well as the newly released trailer.

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The past weeks have been a bit hectic as we rushed to finish many features that had to be in the game at launch. We managed to put everything in , and started polishing many of the features that needed it.


So, here's a quick list of things that have been done lately:

  • Added mission chatter for AI controlled ships.
  • Finalized the first expansion pack which will be available at launch for free (3 new missions, 5 new ships and 29 extra achievements). More details will be coming soon.
  • Added iCloud support - you can share your progress across multiple devices.
  • Fixed a few critical sound system bugs.
  • Added leaderboard and game center support for all completed missions.
  • lots of polishing.

There are still some things to do before release, such as testing production builds, preparing all the materials for the Apple launch submission and the likes. However, these will be done soon.

Closing in, we have also released the first faction trailer that shows off the Core ships. The Core is the primary military and police force of the Terran Republic, and has in its arsenal some of the most advanced spaceships in the known universe. They value the multi-role craft and modular starships, which gives them great flexibility when enforcing peace throughout the known colonized systems.


In Strike Wing, the player will be able to use to following Core ships:

  • F37 Sparrow - Extremely agile light fighter
  • F28 Hawk - Agile and fast light interceptor
  • F35 Eagle - Heavy space superiority fighter
  • F25 Cormoran - Assault bomber

Stay tuned for more faction and ship reveals and don't forget to check out the trailer below if you haven't already. :)

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