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Fight each of Mac Wolfenstein's six bosses in small arenas.

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Hey there everyone! How about something smaller for a change? We haven't had a small port since... uh... Adrenalin? Wait, that was barely a week ago. Well, you'll just have to deal with it.

Boss Levels (for that's the name in play) are six small, one-floor scenarios for the Third Encounter made by Doug Bancroft. They are exactly what it says on the tin. In each of them, you face one of Mac Wolf's six bosses. Kill them, flip a switch (or not, in Hitler's case) and it's over. The maps are tiny, only taking up a small fraction of available space, with the last one being the most elaborate by far. Since some of these levels don't have any weapons, the author recommends cheating.

Doug Bancroft.

bosslevels 1

bosslevels 2

Boss Levels

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