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Never before has tap-physics-stacking-block-perfection gameplay been so eloquently presented to human audiences. Prepare thy-selves for the challenge of your life!

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"It's BlockUp, baby!"

Ariel Qwote - respected liar

The greatest of men and women have long sought to define their purpose on this earth through immense feats of bravery and sacrifice. These noble heroes of old defied insurmountable odds for no reward beyond remembrance; so that they might be revered - even in death. This modern world, however, offers no opportunity of valor to the would-be legends of today. But here at Torchbearer Interactive, we know the solution...

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"The game that made me proud to be alive again!"

Knobody Sedthis - 100% genuinely fake magazine editor

A upwards battle of whit, speed and determination; BlockUp relies on the player's perfect block stacking skills. Punishing gameplay rewards nothing short of perfection, speeding up rapidly for inaccurate players. The aim of the game? Build a tower as tall as you can. "That cannot be all?" I hear you say. But wait, there is more! Placed blocks are effected by physics - poor placement will seriously impede the tower's ability to stand up for itself. Not only this, but placing a block perfectly on top of the last will lock the tower and prevent the game speed increasing. Sounds fun, huh? Beware though, take too long to place your block and you can consider it game over. More information on the more specific gameplay elements can be found here.

"I've literally gone blind from having too much fun."

A concerned pensioner

All the fun of the fair! But wait... There's more! BlockUp comes with full Google Play integration. That means challenging achievements and a hotly contended leaderboard! It honestly couldn't any get better unless it was sliced bread.

"But seriously. Download the game."


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