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My mod, and my modding group Cantstandian Industries, have been given a full page in a German gaming magazine! Here is the translation:

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Get free time!In the distant future, three factions are in a war provoked each other. You decide who bears them the victory in space. 300 years since the end of Starcraft: Brood War passed. From the ashes of the empire Arcturas Mengsk Terran Dominion has collected. No one dares the Dominion challenge, since his power is enormous. This is because it keeps control of the insectoid Zerg swarm and Kerrigan, Leader of the Zerg, disappeared some time ago. The Protoss, once a proud and technologically advanced race, are on the run, as their realm was smashed. And in the darkest corners of the room waiting for the mysterious far Cantstandian Empire to strike. In this explosive playing time new campaign Human Empires: The Slave Wars of the mod-group Cantstandian Industries.A new enemy
Now is the time Cantstandian Empires come, happened in the intervening. Like a swarm of locusts covered the ships of the Terran Dominion and its Zerg ago. The goal: to liberate the views of the Empire for enslaving mankind from the iron grip of the Dominion. While the Cantstandians under some Zerg bring your own control, genetically modified insects send their enemies to battle. A war breaks out, in which the zerg wants nothing more than cannon fodder are free. But both parties fear the day when Kerrigan turns up and takes control of their Zerg. For Human Empires: The Slave Wars were all Units from Starcraft completely revised and only remember to remove the main game. The three fractions Cantstandian Empire, Terran, and Zerg play Dominion by the change in balancing differently. Nevertheless, is the old and still fantastic feeling of Blizzard's sci-fi strategy title again and contagious.Future prospects
The Cantstandian-Industries-Modgruppe managed a fantastic mod that not only the revised and new units, but above all, the comprehensive and exciting campaign convinced. This allows the wait time to shorten Starcraft 2 super. Speaking of Starcraft 2: The mud also planning a project for Blizzard's upcoming game. Who knows, maybe the history of the Human Empire is to continue, yes.
The Warcruisers are among the most powerful units, but cost an enormous amount of raw materials.

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There is a new site for my mod, it's under construction, so don't expect much, but the story of the Cantstandian Empire is up.

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