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Story about strong Genestealers leader and the servant of Hive Mind

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Name of the Imperium enemy:
Genestealers Uber-Sheih Kasim-Ildiz-Halib-el-Zarragun.

True priest of Genestealers Cult, main servant and advicer of Sultan-Patriarch Shapur III Achemen.
Leader of Zaragun Temple and the head of sheih`s council.
Organisator of two hundred rebellions and revolutions in two hundred Imperium planets.
Main enemy of Imperium and the Holy Inquisition (Ordo Xenos).
Ordo Xenos thinks that Zarragun is a key to search Sultan-Patriarch of Genestealers Cult.
Shapur III, sultan-patriarch of all Genestealers Cults give him the task to destroy imperium defences in two hundred planets. It must be performed for the will of Hive Mind God.

Order to Ordo Xenos: find the heretic and kill him.

Term: one galactic month

Order was created by Tallarn Lord-Inquisitor Musa Jellaldin Long Sword.


genestealers rip our enemies apart.

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