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Overview of Generals. Part 1 since it will be updated soon.

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Here are the specializations generals that will be released in v2.0(for now, WSF & EMA):

Field Marshall Robert Wilkes, Experimental Weapons of the Federation and The Supreme Commander
Fleet Admiral Caroline Carter, Space Fleet of the Federation
Naval Admiral Alex Johnson, Federation Naval and Marine Fleet
General Garrett Glastondale, Nuclear Weapons
General James Damon, Armored Forces of the Federation
General Edwin Krause, Advanced Infantry Divisions and Leader of the "Big Red One"
General Ludwig Werner von Steiner, Mecha and Unmanned Combat
General Ian Fulton, Rapid Deployment and Air Force
General Karinia Mikolaj, Stealth Tactics
General Angoni Tzu, Covert Operations
General Oliver Clothzuff, Chemical Warfare
General Clarent Janes, Inciendiary and Melee Weapons
General Nick Malone, Night Operations and Leader of the "Ghost Corps"
General Leonid Aleksandrov, Electronic Warfare

Field Marshall Shin Rhee, Advanced Magic of the Alliance and The Supreme Commander
Senior General William Tecumseh, Magical Assaults
Naval Admiral Serena Solaris, Alliance Naval and Marine Fleet
"The Lich King" - Improved Undead Forces
General Bohai Chao, Magical Support and Scavenging
General Carschandrasakar, Amphibious Assaults and Improved Elves
General Jing Xang Xingster Killian IV, Stealth Tactics
General Yoru Munen, Magic Enhancements
General Shakti Gunar, Brutal Tactics
General Minami Yuuki, Covert Operations
General Yuichiro Matsuda, Rapid Deployment
General Tyrone Pines, Clone Army and Intel
General Jonathan HR Wolfe, Monster Control
General Huoqi Lin, Dragon Army

(I'll add SPA, NIF, and CCC later.)

jfftjlv12345 Author

Wait, those are just the few details.

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jfftjlv12345 Author

Some of the proposed generals of all factions will be added later, so hold up for updates.

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