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1. Fixer has quit the mod, though he didn't say so ; 2. I converted a DF2 cutscene successfully to the Jedi Academy format ; 3. He has managed to emulate both Force Persuasion and Blinding with some scripts ; 4. Progress has been mainly with scripts, not with mapping ; 5. Some small changes were made.

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1. The last message from Fixer was in June 24. The last time he was online: July 22. I sent messages to him in June 24, June 26, July 3, July 8 and in July 20.

2. The converted cutscene was the last one of the Dark Side. I will say what I did: I converted the SMACKER using RAD video tools and the default settings to TGA, though I modified one: instead of converting to the same FPS rate, it would convert to 30 fps. I converted the audio to WAV with 11025 (?), and then I slowed it down to -49.500 using Audacity so that it would have the normal speed in the 30 FPS roq (using the roq.exe that came with JKA editing tools).

"[...] There are two scripts I'm particularly proud of: the Force Blinding script and the Force Persuasion script.
The first one is Yun's exclusive, and cannot be used by the player: effectively, all the script does is making the screen completely white, with a very low level of transparency - it emulates pretty well the original Blinding.
The Force Persuasion will be usable by the player, and works exactly like it did in Jedi Knight: makes the player invisible and no-targeted. Though, you can't hit the enemies with the lightsaber while the Persuasion is active... "
That is what Fixer said about his creation of the two scripts that emulate Force Persuasion and Blinding. I may add, however, that Force Persuasion used lasts for 20 seconds, and is activated with the use of Mind Trick. Some days later, Fixer said that he enabled lightsaber attacks for the Persuasion user. Here is the link for the Force Persuasion (remember, unzip and put the pk3 in the base folder):

4. In a message sent in June 19, Fixer said that the Sariss duel was almost ready, and there were only a couple of scripts to finish. And there's something that is relevant, too:
"Between Maw level and Sariss / Yun 2 I'm planning to add an "intermap", where the player can decide to strike down Jan or deactivate the lightsaber, just like with Rosh in the original Jedi Academy."
However, I can say that there are still basic problems: the absence of Fixer and 3D models of Gorc and Pic for JKA. They must be solved.

5. Some small changes: force lightning effects changed, lightsaber blades too. Changes to the UI can be seen (if you use lens) in the video (poorly rescaled by Moddb). I have tried to change the datapad (I had no success), and tried to create a new HUD (very ugly, I must say).

If Fixer does not appear, more modders will be needed, since he is a mapper-scripter. I guess I'm alone, and I say, I will NOT try to learn mapping. Essentially, a mapper and a scripter or a mapper-scripter are needed, or, if possible, both. The more people working on a project, faster it will be completed. Sadly, that did not apply to the factories of the Industrial Revolution (what does the Industrial Revolution have with this mod? I don't know, but that's not a problem).

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