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Screenshots are subject to change, more screenshots may also be added and the project is fairly far along in development, mostly riding on the timely delivery of work from freelancers on certain characters or animations.

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Its important to understand things may not be as presented in screenshot, things may be refined or assets may even be added. Most levels shown are entirely finished and are as is but a few of these are lacking assets and detailing that has been added further. Hopefully these subtle changes and refinements delight and surprise those who can remember the original rooms. So far 80% of all maps are entirely finished in detailing with the remaining 20% started and unfinished. The Conversion is 5 chapters in length and so far is fully finished in scripting all the way up into the halfway point of the second chapter, The only thing missing up until this point so far is implementation of proper cinematics or dialogue. That comes to say that the release and delivery of Wayward Souls is mostly on time, but riding on the timely delivery of a handful of freelancers doing characters animations or voice lines. However progress has rapidly moved forward sense a new member and lead has come on board for converting models to engine and has almost converted nearly all the assets needed that are non character or animation based. I am pleased to say that more is completed day by day and that nearly after 3 years in a staggered development we are finally starting to look at something worth having a page in the first place. This could take another year, or maybe more, with that said it could also take as little as 8 months, there are many variables at play most of which are unpredictable. But I will continue to write these articles and update progression or news on the project as it moves forward, and thank you all again for following!

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