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The general idea of this mod and where I would like to go with it.

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A lot of the current content in this mod is still in really really early development like at the current point in time I'm still working on getting some models out and finishing up the troop trees, my plans for this mod are redoing every castle in the game so the siege isn't so bloody stupid. (who ever decided they want one tiny ladder is a idiot) I also plan to rework every piece of armour and weapon to their respective values, not only that I want to rework every troop in the game too. No more getting rekt 50 sea raiders five minutes into the game ;)

Long term, I want to rewrite a new diplomacy mod and bring in hundreds of new weapons and armour, I plan on adding a lot more factions like a lot. I want to rework most of the map textures to make it a little prettier. One more thing I nearly forgot about, I want to make every building in the game open to use so you can walk in and out of any building in any city. So this means for map makers on Multiplayer will have a much easier time trying to fill there maps with stuff.

anyway thanks for reading, Good luck have fun.


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