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Give aid, come out of the closet and support other non-believers, an Evangelical Atheist, and a variety of sources of Atheist media.

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Non-Believers Giving Aid -
Show that theists are not the only charitable people in the world and that you don't need a supernatural reward to show compassion toward humanity.

The OUT Campaign -
There are far more Atheists than you probably think. Join the OUT Campaign and encourage others to come out of the closet. The more of us there are the less intimidated others will be to come out and express what they truly believe or rather, not believe.

Sam Singleton, The Evangelical Atheist -
Ever think you would see the word Evangelical and Atheist in the same sentence? Neither did I. He is entertaining, provocative, and travels the country spreading a message of non-belief throughout the US.

Atheist Media Blog -
This blog is updated on a semi-regular basis with recent interesting Atheist videos.

The Thinking Atheist -
The website of an Atheist radio talk show that produces well done videos.

Richard Dawkins' Website -
The website of the well renowned retired biology Professor and Militant Atheist from the UK, Richard Dawkins, who has written multiple best selling books such as the God Delusion.

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