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A Science Fiction Indie Game Adventure First Person Shooter set in a distant future.

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Greetings to all the Community!

I submit to you my game in development for Personal Computer: geminigea.
It is a First Person Shooter game with elements of adventure set in distant future where human race is extinct.

Mankind, many millenia ago, conceived Gemini Project, as perennial symbol of Man's greatness, created to preserve Solar System and to store the Archive containing all the knowledge and progress achieved by Humanity.

Entire project, managed by Artificial Intelligence Gea, is active since thousands eras and it is one of the last sources of energy in the Galaxy.

In this scenario an evil alien threat appears with the purpose of draining the vital energy from the system.

Our Hero, Guardian Warrior Android Unit generated by the Gemini's Security Protocol, has the task to overcome the alien invasion.

The game is fully designed and developed by myself using Unreal Development Kit Engine, and
other software such as Blender and Gimp.
Action takes place accross seven levels, three of them in openworld.
My project is actually in beta version and a demo of the first level is available for download.
I invite you to play demo, visit my website for more info; any comment will be much appreciated.
Steam GreenLight option will be considered in future.

Bye, bye from Italy!!!

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