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GEM-Vietnam Men of War Vietnam GEM Editor by Stanislav Bobovych

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  • gem_vietnam\resource\entity\-vehicle\helicopter\uh1_b.def
  • gem_vietnam\resource\entity\-vehicle\helicopter\mi4.def

Action: comment out {TakeOffTimer 5}, {minDifferentAngle 10} and ("armor_medium" args 1.0) in all three files

This is list of files you need to edit in gem_vietnam and delete next words:

Action: comment out {emission}

{material simple
    {diffuse "$/construction/v_temp_tex/wood_spark"}
    {blend add}

Automating this process

  1. Download -
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Double click on correct_emission.vbs
  4. Browse to gem_vietnam\resource\entity\construction\vietnam
  5. Click ok
  6. The script will search for the *.mtl files and comment out {emission}

File: gem_vietnam\resource\set\grass.set
Action: comment out all the entries from grass_desert_1 to reed_grass
Comment: These resources appear in MoW, but in MoW: V their files are missing. The developers just forgot to comment them out.

;    {"grass_desert_1"                    ;èìÿ
;          {models                     ;ïåðå÷åíü ìîäåëåé (âûáèðàþòñÿ ðàâíîâåðîÿòíî)
;            {"grass_desert_1"}
;        }
;        {dencity 1}                ;ïëîòíîñòü øò./êâ.ì
;    }
;    {"reed_grass"                    ;èìÿ
;        {models                     ;ïåðå÷åíü ìîäåëåé (âûáèðàþòñÿ ðàâíîâåðîÿòíî)
;             {"reed_grass"  }
;         }
;        {dencity 1}                ;ïëîòíîñòü øò./êâ.ì
;    }

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Link to Part I -
Or Download PDF - (Foxit Reader Required)

Giuseppe - - 1,150 comments

oh my friend i am uploading a editor richt now

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oh yeah

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TigerF14 - - 320 comments

ok, but will I be able to pilot choppers like choppers or like planes?

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D1G1TALM1ND - - 427 comments

yes u will...with some extra scripting:)

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Gefr.Grün - - 320 comments

Aha, and do you expect everyone to have the original Men of War? gee...

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Guest - - 695,731 comments

the meiafire keeps saying invalid or deleted file next time put the information on here not in a crapy website!

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Mladja[SRB] Author
Mladja[SRB] - - 306 comments

Links and the whole tutorial are outdated. I posted this 2 year ago.

Posted by Mladja[SRB] on Oct 12th, 2011

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