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First shield concepts added, - now we need your feedback.

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Hi Indie Community,

We´re back with a brand new concept to share with you. This week, it´s all about shields.
We wanted them to look very massive and clunky at the beginning, starting with raw planks and iron pieces. Detail then increases on higher tier.

We played around with different styles and material combinations and looked at lots of greek shields to keep an ancient touch.

Wich one do you like most?
If you could change one thing about the shields, what would that be?

join us - for a greater gaming experience!

Açaí - - 26 comments

My favorites are 9 and 3.

I would change 1 and probably give it another layer of wood of some sort.
Just my opinion though :)

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CrapGames Author
CrapGames - - 68 comments

ah, - we could replace one of the metal parts with wood, or we can add an additional layer of wood behind the metal.

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gerrit1919 - - 596 comments

4 and 8 ;)

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[TGW1918]Cireva - - 239 comments

3,4 and 7

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Midnight_Aurias - - 248 comments

4,7 and 8

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56er - - 1,253 comments

1,2, 4 ad 7.

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UltimaRatioRegum - - 307 comments

Is there a particular hierarchy of shield quality (as in, 1-9?) or are they shown in no particular order? Either way, I think 3 looks the closest to a Greek aesthetic, though 4 is particularly nice too - is it the best of this selection?

Not much to change, anyway, though I agree with the above poster about adding something to the middle of 6, perhaps...

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CrapGames Author
CrapGames - - 68 comments


there´s no particular hierarchy, but yes, shields on the right are better than those on the left.
And yes, in this collection, 4 is the highest tier ; )

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